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Vertically Green is wholly dedicated to representing Vistafolia’s artificial green wall panel system in the United States. Green Roof Solutions, our primary company, was the first US distributor for Vistafolia.

Our founder, Kurt established a partnership four years ago while looking for a high-quality faux green wall system to use in situations where living green walls wouldn’t be suitable. Green Roof Solutions was an excellent starting point for promoting Vistafolia.


The reason why we’re selling Vertically Green rather than GRS is that Green Roof Solutions was a great starting point for promoting Vistafolia, but as the market evolved and Vistafolia became more and more well known, we needed a website solely dedicated to promoting us as the primary distributor for Vistafolia in the US.

Vertically Green is the longest-standing partner in the US and is solely dedicated to representing Vistafolia’s artificial green wall panels. The GRS has over 15 years of experience in distribution across the USA. We offer customization of the Vistafolia system (custom shapes, cutting panels to fit particular sizes). Furthermore, we are constantly expanding our network of trusted installation partners across the United States, many of whom are the top green wall and green roof installers in the country. That is how we distinguish ourselves from other distributors.

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