Vistafolia’s Vibrant and Realistic Color & Texture Boxes

Imagine walking into a room and being greeted by a lush, vibrant green wall with bursts of different colors and plant-like textures. With Vistafolia’s Color & Texture Boxes, this dream can easily become a reality. These boxes offer a unique way to personalize your space, whether it’s a Vistafolia green wall or a Foliascreen, these boxes provide a touch of nature’s beauty without the maintenance of real plants. Vistafolia Color & Texture Boxes offer unparalleled customization for artificial green walls. They are realistic, durable, and easy to install, these boxes add beauty and elegance to any green wall application, both indoor and outdoor settings!

The Art of Customization with Vistafolia Color & Texture Boxes

Customizing your space with Vistafolia Color & Texture boxes is like painting with nature’s palette. Each box is crafted to transform your environment, offering a range of options to match your aesthetic preferences:

  • Delicate White Color Box:  Imagine clusters of white buds, bringing a sense of elegance and freshness to your green wall. These airy clusters add a delicate touch, perfect for creating a refined and sophisticated look.

  • Forest Flame Color Box: Picture vibrant, fiery red flora that stands out against the green, adding a tropical feel to your space. This box is ideal for those who want to make a bold statement and add a splash of color.

  • Soft Lavender Color Box: Envision sprigs of soothing lavender, perfect for creating a serene and calming atmosphere. The blue-violet hues are ideal for spaces where relaxation and tranquility are key.

  • Spring Pink Color Box: Think of captivating pink blooms that brighten any setting. These tender green leaves and pink flowers are not just for spring; they’re wonderful year-round, bringing a cheerful vibe to your green wall.

Each box is designed to personalize 8-10 Vistafolia panels, ensuring your space is as unique as your imagination.

The Essence of Realism: How Vistafolia Mimics Nature

Vistafolia panels are a testament to the beauty of nature’s diversity. With 72 plants per panel and 16 different varieties, each panel brings a unique aspect of the natural world into your space.The ultra-realistic foliage is designed to withstand even harsh environments, boasting UV, fire, and freeze-thaw certifications. 

Our 3-panel system ensures seamless coverage, eliminating visible join lines or repeated patterns. This technology makes Vistafolia the gold standard in artificial green wall systems, offering vibrant, natural colors and a variety of textures that mimic real plants.

Enhancing Spaces with Vistafolia Texture Boxes

Texture boxes bring an additional layer of depth to your green walls:

  • Large Grasses Texture Box: Offers a mix of green, yellow, and burgundy wild grasses. These large 18-inch grasses add a wild and natural feel, perfect for creating a statement.

  • Lush Green Texture Box: A blend of ferns and leafy greenery, perfect for a verdant look. This box is outher most popular mix, providing a lush and dense green wall.

  • Trailing Buxus and Ivy Texture Boxes: Provide an elegant touch with trailing plants, ideal for a climbing effect or draping naturally. These 24-inch trailing plants add grace and movement to your green wall.

These textures allow you to create a rich tapestry, giving your walls volume and dimension.

Vistafolia's Unique Panel System: Seamless and Easy to Install

Vistafolia’s panel system is a game-changer in the world of artificial green walls:

  • The innovative 3-panel solution offers a randomized placement of foliage, ensuring a natural look with no repetitive patterns.

  • Installation is stress-free, thanks to the Vistafolia Fixing System. Panels can be easily attached to most surfaces and repositioned as needed.

Versatility Beyond Walls: Using Vistafolia in Various Settings

Vistafolia’s versatility extends far beyond wall applications:

  • Use Color & Texture boxes in planters, pots, hanging baskets or standalone displays. Transform gardens, offices, and other environments with these stunning faux greenery options.

  • The only limit to how you can use these boxes is your creativity. Whether it’s creating a feature wall in a retail space, adding a touch of green to a corporate office, or enhancing your home’s ambiance, Vistafolia offers a solution that’s both beautiful and practical.

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This flexibility makes Vistafolia panels perfect for both temporary and permanent installations. Whether you’re renovating a commercial space or adding a touch of green to your home, these panels provide an ultra-realistic and durable solution.

Enhance your space with the beauty and versatility of Vistafolia Color & Texture Boxes. Their lifelike appearance and ease of installation make them a perfect addition to any setting, indoor or outdoor. Contact VerticallyGreen today for quote to transform your environment with Vistafolia!

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